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Trade Protectionists Prevail: India Imposes Anti-dumping Duty on Chinese Refrigerant

2016-09-09 11:36:19 ZIBO IRVINE INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Read

NEW DELHI: India has slapped anti-dumping duties on import of a refrigerant from China saying it hurt domestic producers, according to a recent notice from the Revenue Department. 

The government imposed an anti-dumping duty of $ 1.22 per kilogram on import of '1,1,1,2 - Tetrafluoroethane' or 'R-134a' from China for a period of five years till July 10, 2021, said a notification by the Revenue Department. 

The department's notice is to be published in the Federal Register on Friday. 

India had first imposed anti-dumping duty on the compound commonly used in home refrigerators and automotive air conditioning in July 2011. 

An investigation by the Directorate General of Anti- Dumping And Allied Duties (DGAD) found that "there is continued dumping of the subject goods from the subject country". 

Anti-Dumping duty is usually imposed on imports that are sold 'below-cost' by foreign manufacturers and is aimed at safeguarding domestic players against 'unfair' competition.