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2017-10-09 15:31:02 ZIBO IRVINE INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Read

The refrigerant gas market gets crazy again recently. 

As we all know, Chinese government carry out very strict environment protection policy this year. 

Many stone ore factories, paper carton factories, cylinder factories and other raw material factories are forced to stop producing or closed. 

Recently, hydrofluoric acid as raw materials of refrigerant gas, is serious stock, leading to the lack of supply, prices continued to soar.

According to the monitoring of 68 chemicals business price trend, the chain rose 26 commodities, of which the first increase in chloroform (9.17%) and third R22 (4.61%) are fluorine chemicals. It is reported that fluorine chemical industry chain chloroform, methylene chloride, R22, R134a, trichloroethylene, PTFE and other products have been rising for two consecutive months, this week, once again occupy the chemical industry topped the list.

In the fluorine chemical industry chain, R22's position is very special. R22 can be used as the terminal consumer products for air conditioning refrigerant, can also be used as raw material for the production of new refrigerants and intermediate fluoropolymer, the fluorine chemical industry is a important link in the chain, is also an important factor to lead the domestic price of fluorine chemical products. Therefore, it is very important to analyze the change of supply and demand and price trend of R22 to judge the cycle of life of fluorine chemical industry.

The main upstream fluorine chemical industry raw material is methanol, chlorine and fluorite, the intermediate product is hydrofluoric acid, chloroform and trichloroethylene, downstream products are R22, R134a, PTFE, six propylene refrigerant fluoride and fluorine-containing polymer.

Therefore, the gas supply is in acute shortage, and prices are increasing everyday. 

Faced with such a situation, many factories temporarily refused to offer

If you have an urgent request of refrigerant gas, pls. check and make the purchase asap; 

if you do not need it urgently, we advise you to wait and buy later. 

But the gas market is very different this year, there is no expectation of price drop-down in short time.