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2017-11-27 10:18:15 ZIBO IRVINE INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. Read

Germany: before the German refrigeration and air conditioning industry association has formed several major organizations, called for talks with the relevant government departments on the refrigerant shortage, seeking solutions to the problem of increasing the supply of refrigerant.

The organization includes the German Society for refrigeration and air conditioning (VDKF) and the German Heat Pump Association (ZVKKW). For a considerable period of time, their members have been faced with a "massive" refrigerant supply problem. Moreover, not only mixed refrigerants such as R404A or R507 are affected. Other refrigerants, such as R134a, are also facing shortages.

The organization maintains that, at present, the German auto industry is actually turning to R1234yf, but in the process, it should still maintain sufficient supply of R134a.

The organization believes that European neighbors, such as France and even Austria, are smaller countries with the same procurement problem, and questions whether the F- quota is wrong.

The organization even says that unless immediate action is taken, the country may have to face the "food, hospital (blood bank) air conditioning and refrigeration system failure" situation.

The German Environmental Protection Agency has not responded to the joint appeal. Therefore, the association is now looking for support from other departments.


Italy: Industry Association protests rising refrigerant prices

According to local media reports in Italy, the two largest refrigeration industry associations in the country are calling for competition management agencies in Italy to investigate, because the Association believes that the current refrigerant prices in Italy has shown "unreasonable" and "disproportionate" rise.

Assofrigoristi and CNA Association said, this year the refrigerant prices rose as high as ten times, that "no reasonable reason"; they think it "for the entire industry, especially for small and medium enterprises" caused a severe competitive disadvantage; Association believes that this year's price rise significantly in violation of the rules of competition "".

These groups recognize that R404A and R507, the most commonly used refrigerants in commercial refrigeration systems in Italy, were banned in 2022, while air conditioning refrigerant R410A was banned from use in 2025. Therefore, even if the domestic demand in accordance with the new regulations to low GWP refrigerant transition, the current price dynamics also appears unreasonable.

Currently, Honeywell, one of the leading refrigerant manufacturers, has announced that it will stop selling R404A and R507 in Europe next year, while RSL, the Irish distributor announced last week, will stop selling R404A when the stock is insufficient.