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    1. Detailed information

                                                                  R152a refrigerant gas 

    Physical Property

    Molecular Formular      CH3CHF2

    Component            Difluoroethane

    Molecular Weight      66.05

    Boiling Point℃         -24.7

    Critical Temperature℃  113.5

    Critical Pressure Mpa    6.160

    GWP                   140

    ODP                  0


    Quality Index

    Purity                 ≧99.9

    Moistyre PPM          ≦10

    Acidity PPM           ≦1.0

    Vapor Residue PPM       ≦100

    Appearance Colorless:  Colorless No turbid

    Odor                   Odorless



    Disposable cylinder: 10.5kg/13.4L; 17.5kg/22.3L;

    Refillable cylinder:  90kg/118L, 310kg/800L, 730kg/926L;

    ISO Tank:         18.5T/24M³



    Used for Refrigerant, also used as raw material for refrigerants R502&R142b,can replace R12 used as refrigerant/component part of refrigerant blend.It is also 

    used as the working fluid of temperature controller.

    R152a-1,1-Difluoroethane is an organofluorine compound with the chemical formula C2H4F2. This colorless gas is used as a refrigerant, where it is often listed

     as R-152a or HFC-152a. As an alternative to chlorofluorocarbons, it has an ozone depletion potential of zero, a lower global warming potential (120) and a shorter

     atmospheric lifetime (1.4 years). It has recently been approved for use in automobile applications as an alternative to R-134a.

    In addition to serving as a refrigerant, 1,1-difluoroethane is also commonly used in gas duster (commonly thought of as "canned air"), and many consumer aerosol 

    products, especially those subject to stringent VOC requirements.

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