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Anionic PAM

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  1. Detailed information

Anionic PAM,copolymerized by acrylamide and acrvylate monomer, is a ultrahigh super high molecular weight polymer,that is , 30 million minimum.lt has great adsorption-bridge effect.Different model can be used according to the different application and the requirement of clients the products performance.

  Lt is mainly used:1.industrial water treatment;2.Drinking water treatment;3.Starch and Alcohol plants recover the loss of starch and lees;4.paper making additives;5.Oil displacing agent for tertiart oil recovery;6.pluggingagent;7.DragReducer;8.Drilling fluif additives;9.Franturing Fluid Additives.


ANIONOC/cationic/nonionic/emulsion polyacrylamide is one  kind of high efficiency liquid flocculants with high concentration,polymerized in the oil by using water-in-oil emulsion advanced technology and W/O emulsifier,with high conversion rate,high molecular weight,high stability,multi-function,instant,etc.


  Used as paper retention for culture paper,newspaper and cardboard paper,etc.High-effective contents,fast-dissolving,low dosage,doubled efficiency than other water-in-water emulsion.

  Used as water treatment chemical,for municipal sewage, papermaking,dyeing,coal washing,mill run and other industrial waste-water treatment. High-viscosity,fast-reaction,broad application,convenient to use.


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